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Allow yourself to be pampered and indulged - at one of the most stunning locations in Upper Swabia with a sweeping view over Lake Constance and the alpine panorama.

Enjoy good and healthy cuisine, good and healthy sleep and benefit from the power of nature. That is our motto. We shall be delighted to show you just what you can expect - of herbs, well-being and natural wood bedrooms - up here at the Höchsten. We provide you with a small taster on these web pages.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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from 01.07.2017
every Monday from 6.00 pm
Guided walks with a herbal gourmet buffet
In July, basil and thyme whisper sweet-nothings to each other. The regal herb meets rustic farming stock from the Mediterranean region. Father Gerhard entertains and amuses guests as he describes the possibilities afforded by the harmonious combination of the two herbs, in preventative healthcare and in tasty dishes with herbs.

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Herbal summer on the Höchsten

In summertime, herbs are in abundance - in the herb garden, in the forest and in the meadows - here on the Höchsten we live together with nature.

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Höchsten alpine world

Discover the traditional hiking region surrounding the Höchsten.

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Package deal - Beds for Bikers
A mountain, a lovely view, a twisting road - the Höchsten is always worth a visit.

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