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Allow yourself to be pampered and indulged - at one of the most stunning locations in Upper Swabia with a sweeping view over Lake Constance and the alpine panorama.

Enjoy good and healthy cuisine, good and healthy sleep and benefit from the power of nature. That is our motto. We shall be delighted to show you just what you can expect - of herbs, well-being and natural wood bedrooms - up here at the Höchsten. We provide you with a small taster on these web pages.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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from 01.09.2017
every Monday from 6.00 pm
Guided walks with a herbal gourmet buffet
The ancient apparel of a religious order, the Capuchins, gave our herb for the month of September its German name: "Kapuzinerkresse" (nasturtium in English), and Father Gerhard will explain the gentle vitality it conveys in the herb garden. You will be surprised!

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valid up to 24 October 2017
Package deal - Last Minute
Spontaneous rest and recovery with us on Höchsten mountain.

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Package deals - Spa days
Our spa days truly are a short break with a focus on you and your well-being - a few days with no obligations, concentrating entirely on yourself, on your mind, your body, your sensations..

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Package deal - Rose-Scented Dream
Discover the intoxicating scent and sensual effect of the rose.

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valid from the 21th December 2017 to the 30th December 2017
Package deal - Christmas
Celebrate Christmas in a contemplative atmosphere at the Höchsten.

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valid from the 27th December 2017 to the 6th January 2018
Package deal - New Year's Eve

Bid a fitting farewell to the year: Celebrate New Year’s Eve with us at the Höchsten and enjoy a few days of relaxation.

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Package deal - Get here quick
Forget everyday life for a while and treat yourself to a short break.

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