Caresses for the body, mind and soul


Caresses for the body, mind and soul:
+49 (0) 7555 92 10 - 0
or directly in the hotel.

Simply because it does good
Massages and treatments help with all kinds of complaints, whilst they are also beneficial to well-being - gifting a deep sense of contentment to the body and mind. This inner harmony is central to our caressing treatments. You can also treat yourself to a caressing treatment if you have no complaints - simply because it does good.


Aroma-sensitive massages


aromaoel Natural aromas and sumptuous oils touch the skin and soul with herbal essence, which calms or enlivens, balances and nourishes - a massage for dreaming.  
Full-body   45 mins | 59,-
Back   25 mins |34,-
Face and décolleté   25 mins |32,-


Pampering treatment


  Facial and décolleté treatment, warm compresses, gentle cleansing and peeling. Facial toner for refreshing and preparing for the subsequent massage of the décolleté, neck, arms, hands, head and face.  
    45 mins | 55,-


Höchsten Vital


streicheleinheiten2 Full-body massage including head and face massage.  
    60 mins | 69,-
Booking appointments

Please arrange appointments for massages and treatments: +49 (0) 7555 92 10 - 0 or directly in the hotel.



Ms Heinzelmann

personal - fast - direct
Tel: +49 (0) 7555 92100

Opening times restaurant

Tuesday through Sunday
Open from
7 am to approx. 11 pm

Monday - day of rest
until February 29th
(Meals are provided for
our house guests and
convention participants)

Hot meals are available
Tuesday – Friday from
11.30 am to approx. 15 pm
17 pm to approx. 21 pm
Saturday, Sunday and
public holiday from
11.30 am to approx. 21 pm


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