Water bed


Appointments for the water bed
Regina Kleemann
+49 (0) 7555 92 10 - 0 or directly in the hotel.

Entirely weightless - not quite, but almost - is how one could describe one's state when in the water bed. First, a fine pack of your choice is applied to your body. Wrapped in a cosy fleece, you then lay in a comfortably warm water bed, which fully encases you, without coming into direct contact with the water. An even and constant warmth surrounds the entire body and the skin is able to optimally absorb the active ingredients in the pack. The almost weightless floatation and even warmth also promote deep relaxation.


Bath in the water bed


  Choose one of the following packs for this special form of deep relaxation:    
Hay pack with mountain herbs from the Höchsten    
Whey pack with natural whey from the Höchsten    
Cleopatra pack with milk and natural oils    
Beer pack with full moon beer    
25 mins | 35,-


Booking appointments

Please arrange appointments for the water bed: Telephone: +49 (0) 7555 92 10 - 0 or directly in the hotel.



Ms Heinzelmann

personal - fast - direct
Tel: +49 (0) 7555 92100

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