Dialect way and celebrity path


promipfad mundartweg
  The dialect way runs along the approx. 1 km round walk from the hotel through the herb garden to the look-out pavilion and back. The location is well-chosen, because the language boundary between the Swabian and Alemannic dialects runs right through the Höchsten. 11 boards present the dialects in everyday situations, and not without humour.
And the same route is also home to the celebrity path. Numerous celebrities such as Tony Marshall, their royal highnesses Maximilian, Margrave of Baden and Duke Friedrich of Württemberg, Lothar Späth and the Hofmann sisters count among the roughly 50 guests of the Höchsten who have left a footprint on the celebrity path during their time here. Even Käpt‘n Blaubär has left his mark here.


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