Dinnete – the Upper Swabian speciality from the wood-burning oven


When it's on
Dinnete fresh from the wood-burning oven in the restaurant.

Every Thursday from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Please book in advance.


Our Dinnete menu for perusal

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If you want to upset someone from Swabia or Baden, simply refer to the steaming hot, crusty and delicious-smelling dish he is serving up fresh, with the long wooden bread shovel from the wood-burning oven, as a pizza. In Swabia it is a Dinnete, and in Baden it is known as a Dinnele – but on both sides of the border it is cultural heritage!

Back when the villages and hamlets still had a baking day once every week, the large wood-burning ovens were heated up and then, when the stone baking chamber was at its hottest - shortly before the loaves went in - Dinnete were baked: flat rounds of farmhouse bread with a little caraway, laden with toppings.

And how do they differ from pizzas? That is easily explained¬: the Dinnete tastes completely different. The dough is more strongly flavoured, the toppings are not Mediterranean with tomatoes. Originally, they were simply topped with the ingredients available on the farm: Onions, smoked meat, sour cream, fresh herbs, or as sweet versions with apples and cream. However, the Dinnete has not escaped globalisation either. A Dinnete with tomato and cheese? Why not - as long as you still call it a Dinnete ...
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